The Rational Male - Religion

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The Rational Male - Religion
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Book Synopsis The Rational Male - Religion by : Rollo Tomassi

Book excerpt: Why is premarital sex forbidden by religion? Why is marriage the worst life-decision a man can make today? How is an idealistic Romantic Love destroying modern churches? Are female imperatives assimilating patriarchal religions? Why are so many religious men confused about masculinity? What's causing men to abandon religion? Why is pornography an "addiction" for religious men? Are Atheists 'religious' about finding love? Can Red Pill awareness and religious conviction coexist? Will there be a One-World Religion? The Rational Male(R) - Religion is an exploration of human intersexual dynamics and their influence on spiritual belief, religion and social values. In this 4th book of the Rational Male series author, Rollo Tomassi, connects the dots between human beings' evolved mating imperatives and the spiritual beliefs spawned by them that still influence society in the data age. It is a Red Pill look under the hood at the roots of men and women's "need to believe" in love, God and the metaphysical to solve our mating imperatives.Are Old Order beliefs hindering our progress in today's data-driven New Age of Enlightenment? Since 2000, global access to information has exploded. Like the Gutenberg Press in Renaissance Europe, the internet, technology and global communication has given rise to a new age of enlightenment that a global society is only beginning to acknowledge. For better or worse, this new information awakening is explaining and challenging our old investments in faith, tradition, metaphorical truth and magical thinking. And in no other area are humans more emotionally invested than in solving their reproductive problem. The Rational Male(R) - Religion succinctly explains the origins of this old order thinking, what it got right, where it's gone wrong and how we can correct our course for the future.Often called the "Godfather of the Red Pill", Rollo Tomassi has been a permanent fixture in the online men's consortium of the Manosphere for almost 20 years. He is the author of the internationally best selling book series: The Rational Male The Rational Male - Preventive Medicine The Rational Male - Positive Masculinity Rollo is also the essayist/blogger/owner of The Rational Male blog, a weekly panelist/host of the Rule Zero livestream and the host of his own YouTube channel, The Rational Male.

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